THE BIBLE DECODED  breaks the ancient code of the Bible, restoring the spiritual teachings that have been lost to the doctrines of religion for over 1500 years. You will experience firsthand the error in Judaism and Christianity as you take a journey with Israel and Judah. And Zion will prove to be far more than a nation born of the Holocaust. The symbolic code has preserved the spiritual knowledge contained in our Sacred Texts for over 3500 years. What sets the Bible apart from the other Texts is its detailed account of man’s spiritual and religious history, along with the spiritual instruction that will put us back on the spiritual path. THE BIBLE DECODED 

THE LITTLE BOOK for the soul is the detailed account of the 3500 year-old healing process encoded in the Holy Bible, preserved for the last days, revealed through an understanding of its symbolic code. The process has been brilliantly encoded in the beginning and end of the book of Genesis—in the creation story and Jacob’s final words to his sons. While some seek healing through a particular faith or set of religious laws, and others through meditation and energy work, which are practices of the east, Jesus, called The Christ, was the first to incorporate the ancient instruction found in the Sacred Text of the west, through which one heals the deepest level of his soul, becoming a new spiritual creation from within.   THE LITTLE BOOK