The Third and Final Code for the Third and Final Era


Revelation of THE SYMBOLIC CODE is a NEW revelation for the NEW era, sealed in it’s entirety for 3500 years, awaiting the “Third and Final Era of Jacob.”  The era of Spirit; of spiritual awakening and awareness, coinciding with mankind’s awareness of the third and final code pertaining to the Bible.

The first of the three codes is the mathematical code, which gives a numerical value to each Hebrew letter and then using a mathematical skip sequence decodes messages hidden in the text of the Bible, which pertain to physical events.

The second code claims that Jesus left behind a physical bloodline through Mary Magdalene; through the birth of a daughter named Sarah. Whether fact or fiction, it sets the stage for the third and final code through its symbolism.

The third code is the symbolic code, which pertains to spiritual events. The historical events depicted in the stories of the Bible reveal these spiritual events, providing us with a deeper understanding of the Sacred Text and ourselves, as the Bible takes place within. Through the journey of the children of Israel;  chosen out of all nations to teach us about ourselves, we discover the psychological events that have led us to the place in which we find ourselves today, both as individuals, and as related to the world as a whole.  Through revelation of the final code of the Bible we are able to decode the message of instruction left for us in what is “the end of days.”